New Zealand Cruise Vacation Tips with Paul Robins

On the Sunday, February 10th edition of The Travel Guys…

In the Travel News, Britain has declared war on resort fees and other “add-ons,” by declaring all fees must be included in the initial price.  FTC in Washington, DC, are you listening?  Plus, we tell you whether it’s best to use soap and water or hand sanitizer in the airplane restroom (spoiler alert, hand sanitizer is the right answer).  And there’s a flight attendant who went out and walked on the wing.  While the plane was in the sky.  No kidding.

Gwen Duncan of Cordially Yours Travel is in house to talk about cruise, airfares and why you might want to have a travel advisor, even if you are a very independent traveler.  Finally, Paul Robins (remember Paul & Phil on Y92 FM for years…) is back on the radio and back from New Zealand. He talks about his trip and his new afternoon show on his old station, 92.5 FM.


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