Challenges at the Airport While Traveling

On the Easter Sunday (April 21st) edition of The Travel Guys…

* In the Travel News, United and Expedia are in a p-ssing contest, which could end up with United flights not being available on Expedia’s various platforms.  Sacramento has new air service.  Once a day non-stops to Santa Barbara on Contour Airlines.  When should you reserve your summer travel?  Survey says 5-8 weeks ahead of your flight.  Only one problem.  That’s based on history.  In previous years however, there weren’t 40-50 planes grounded (Max 8-9) every day.

* Our featured guest is Cynthia Nichol.  In our extended interview, we talk about a variety of airport issues, including parking, running out of gates during morning rush (and overnight parking places to put those morning rush planes), the price of gasoline near the airport, the possibility of an airport hotel and much more.


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