Marriott Rewards Launches Name Change

On the Sunday, February 17th edition of The Travel Guys…

Steve LaRosa is in for Tom Romano and joins Mark in the studio.

In the Travel News, United Airlines is offering TV for free.  That’s on the 211 aircraft which have the in seat back screens.  Previously there was a charge, but now you can watch the screens or on your own device for free.  Southwest Airlines has declared a “operational emergency.”  It appears a combination of having to pull aircraft out of service for FAA mandated repairs and a “sick out” by technicians who have been negotiating a new contract for SIX years has left the airline short of planes.  The U.S. has issued travel warnings for Turkey and Haiti.

In the Smarter Traveler segment, Mark reminds travelers the Marriott Rewards program officially becomes Bonvoy the first week of March.  There is a new VERY high point redemption level for top properties.  If you are planning to use your Marriott points for something this year, booking it now might mean you burn fewer points.  A reminder that the cancellation time for a hotel is local time could make a difference, particularly on overseas lodging.

Steve LaRosa has a version of his popular segment, What’s Goin’ On, in and around Sacramento.  Gordon Lightfoot, the French Film Festival and Jack Gallagher headline the list (see links below).

Finally, we go to San Francisco to talk with the authors of a new book, 100 Things to Do in San Francisco Before You Die.  The guys have picked out a number of items from the list to share with you.  A link to the book is below.


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