Packing Tips and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Winter Tour

This Sunday, September 17th, on The Travel Guys…

*    In the Travel News, the statistics on visitation to the US from abroad for the year are starting to come in, and indeed, they are showing a significant decline.  Plus, we tell you about Marriott’s rescue on the high seas after Hurricane Irma.

*    Chris Galloway is sitting in with Mark for Tom this week, and Chris brings a article about design flaws in hotel rooms.  Like a see through bathroom wall, doors that don’t lock and other things that make you go, “What were they thinking?”

*    Mark has a list of packing tips that are tied to your zodiac sign, bound to tell you more about your inner self!

*    The Trans-Siberian Orchestra is returning to Sacramento for the holidays, tickets went on sale this week, and we have an interview with all the details.


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  1. Antonette Williams says:

    When is the best day to fly from new York to Portugal and save money

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