The Travel Guys Episode 6

We’ve got an exciting episode this week as we talk about traveling to Cuba, the Extreme Mammals exhibit at the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco and more!

Traveling to Cuba

Steve Richer, Public Affairs representative for the National Tour Ass’n in Washington, DC, updates us on the status of travel to Cuba. There could be some action as soon as next week, according to Richer, which could allow U.S. citizens to return to Cuba as tourists after more than 50 years.

You can learn more about US-Cuba relations by browsing the blog or for information on the latest developments.

Extreme Mammals in San Francisco

We’ll discuss the Extreme Mammals exhibit over at the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.  The exhibit looks incredible with a huge variety of our ancestors to explore.  You can checkout the Academy of Sciences page by clicking here or go straight to the exhibit’s page.

Jon Holloway from

Jon joins us once again from Holloway Travel Outfitters, this time to talk luggage.

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