An Oregon Stay-cation

Join Mark and Tom Sunday at noon as they take you on a trip to and around Oregon.  With finances still tight for many Sacramentans, many people are looking for places closer to home for R & R.  Oregon is that place.

From Portland, the city of bridges and roses; the Travel Guys take you to central Oregon, for Hot Air Ballooning, fishing and outdoor recreation.  On the Oregon Coast, you’ll learn about one of Mark’s favorite destinations, Newport.  The Elizabeth Street Inn offers some of the town’s finest accommodations.  Jennifer Morkert joins Mark and Tom to tell you all about it.

Oregon is known for its festivals, and perhaps the two most popular are the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, and the Rose Festival in Portland.  Learn more about both on Sunday’s program.

Plus, our Mystery Spot Contest continues (first new clue below) and Mark checks in from his trip along the historic Lincoln Highway.  All that and more on the Travel Guys Sunday.

Web Clues for Mystery Spot #3

  • It is a place/destination.
  • It is NOT in North America.
  • The waters of the Mediterranean are not far away.

Notes from our Oregon Stay-cation!

Greg Eckhart – Travel Portland

Carol Ross – Portland Rose Festival

Steve Hilbert – Lonesome Duck Ranch

Jennifer Morkert – The Elizabeth Street Inn

Darren Kling – Big Sky Balloon Company

Katherine Flanagan – Ashland Visitor & Convention Bureau

Interesting Travel Story of the Week

Man Finds Camera in Key West and Traces Owner

There is a story on today about a man who found a camera washed up on the shore at Key West.  Paul Shultz, who happens to be a criminal investigator for the U.S. Coast Guard, couldn’t resist the challenge to identify the origins of the mysterious camera.  Yesterday, a combination of his own impressive ingenuity and the power of social media Web sites meant that he was able to locate the camera’s owner,  in Aruba.  The plot involved undersea relics, hidden clues and even a curious sea turtle. There is a link to a video that is fascinating to watch.  The camera was banged around and a sea turtle accidentally turned the video recording on so the video is taken underwater.  You can catch glimpses of the turtle as the camera bangs around.  Read the whole story at This is a great story about how Shultz found the camera’s owner from the pictures inside the camera.

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