The Travel Guys Meet The Travel Girl!

This coming Sunday, The Travel Guys meet The Travel Girl.  Today’s guests include Stephanie Oswald of Travel Girl Magazine and road reporter Clayton Whitehead.  Mark has something to say about lousy airport service and you’ll have your fourth of five opportunities to guess the Mystery Spot and win a vacation in New York or Hawaii!  All this and more on this week’s episode of The Travel Guys.

Stephanie Oswald

soswald Former CNN reporter and travel expert Stephanie Oswald, who has recently returned from the Florida Gulf Coast.  With a residence in New Orleans, she has a personal connection as well as a professional interest in how the oil spill affects the area.  Stephanie is the Editor-in-Chief of Travel Girl Magazine, a national publication, and host of the Fine Living Network’s All Girl Getaways (as well as a former Weather Channel correspondent).  Over the past few weeks she has been reporting on and closely monitoring the situation on the Gulf Coast.   Are the beaches safe?  Stephanie has the first hand information and will share it with us.

Stephanie’s Links:

Clayton Whitehead

Road Reporter Clayton Whitehead updates us on the 125th Anniversary Season of the Boston Pops Orchestra – he was recently in Boston for a concert and has plenty of exciting news to share!

Clayton’s Links:

Exclusive web clues for the new Mystery Spot are listed below:

  • Many people pass through me.
  • Some would say I’m not natural.

More clues will be given during the broadcast on Sunday, from 12-1pm PDT.  Listen to Tom and Mark for your chance to call in or guess on line and qualify for the big vacation.

Last week’s Mystery Spot was: The Vatican.  Previous Mystery Spots: Lewis & Clark National Park (Astoria, Oregon), Mackinac Island (MI).

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