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This week’s Mystery Spot Contest is going to work a little differently.  We won’t be taking any calls live on the show, so you’ll need to submit your answers via the form below.  The first person to guess correctly (according to the time the email is received) is the winner!  Tune in Sunday at 12:00PM PDT for the clues and your chance to win!

Special thanks to everyone who sent in a guess!  We have now selected both our winners for the day.  Be sure to friend us on facebook to stay up to date with all our future contests!

Mackinac Island

“Henry Ford’s influence was not felt here…” were the words we used to kick off our second Mystery Spot Contest just a short while ago.  Some of you, particularly Sports Leisure travelers, we noticed, immediately thought of Mackinac Island, in Michigan.  This Saturday we’ll be giving this fantastic destination the time it deserves as we take you all the way to Michigan and back with an interview from road reporter Clayton Whitehead and special guest Chris Shepler from Shepler’s Mackinac Ferries.


Who better to talk about Mackinac Island than our very own road reporter Clayton Whitehead!  Clayton has been escorting Mackinac Island trips for Sports Leisure Vacations since before we can remember.  He’s sure to have quite a few exciting stories and interesting Mackinac tidbits to share!  Also joining us on this episode is Chris Shepler from Shepler’s Mackinac Island Ferries!

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  1. January 28, 2011

    […] Guys. We brought you all the way to New York for an interview with Arthur Frommer and over to Mackinac Island for some horse-drawn fun.  We traveled across the country on the Lincoln Highway and back along Route 66.  We hit a few […]

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