Historic Hotels, Giant Rockers and Yes…All The Kicks on Route 66!

Sports Leisure Vacations takes lucky travelers on one of the most memorable Route 66 tours around – learn more here.

There are few things more satisfying than gassing up the car and hitting the road, and what better road to hit than Route 66?!  It’s our 7th journey across the Mother Road of America as a company, and we’re thrilled to take you along with us for some exclusive interviews along the way.  Where do we start, you ask?  How about the world’s largest rocking chair.  That’s right, even the Guinness Book of Records agrees, this thing is HUGE.  Next up, meet Dawn of the Rock Cafe in Stroud, but you may know her better as Sally, from the hit Pixar movie Cars.  Finally, we’re joined by John Weiss, famous author of several books on the historic road.  Plus, we’ve found someone to watch over your home while you’re out exploring that long highway. This is definitely not an episode to miss for all you highway fans out there, so sit back, turn up the radio and enjoy the ride!

House Watching by HowtoClean.com

Jeanne from HowtoClean.com joins us today to talk about her unique house watching service. We spend a lot of time out on the road, and one thing we’re constantly worrying about is what’s going on back home while we’re away. Are the lights turned off? Is the mail picked up? Are the pets fed? There are a million things to consider. Jeanne has developed a great service that allows you to put your mind at ease while she takes care of everything until you return!  She also tweets house cleaning tips at http://twitter.com/HomeEcJeanne

Route 66

Entire Route 66 Map - Start to FinishClick the Map to view it larger

Worlds Largest Rocker


Located in Cuba, MO, this giant rocker is just one of many reasons to visit this little town, which is also home to tons of amazing murals.  Check them out and learn more by visiting their site at www.cubamomurals.com!

Music from the Road

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