Traveling Through Dubai and Escaping Egypt

Today we’re joined by friendly competitor and long-time travel friend Wayne Setness of Setness Tours.  Wayne has recently returned from escorting a trip to Dubai and has quite a few stories to share!  Speaking of international travel, have you ever wondered just what happens to all those tourists traveling abroad when a crisis breaks out like the one currently happening in Egypt?  As tour operators, we’re faced with these situations all too often.  Today, we’ll go behind-the-scenes to learn how modern travel companies help ensure your safety and get you home as quickly as possible when the unthinkable happens while on tour.  Finally, Daniel with will be checking in from the Super Bowl in Dallas, TX.  The big game starts just a short time after our time on-air ends, so there’s sure to be quite a bit going on.  Can’t wait to hear about it!

Traveling Through Dubai

If you’ve never considered adding Dubai to your bucket list, we think it’s about time you do.  Wayne Setness of Setness Tours joins us today to talk about a recent trip he took through this exotic destination with a group of travelers.  Wayne has assured us he has quite a few stories to share and more than a few tips for anyone interesting in making Dubai a part of their travel plans this year!  To view more amazing photos from their trip (like the one to your left), check out their Dubai Photo Gallery.

Escaping Egypt

If you’ve been watching the news at all lately, then you’re very well aware of the current situation going on in Egypt.  You know about the political strife, you’ve seen the riots in the streets and you’ve probably figured out that it’s not exactly the place to be if you’re on vacation right now.  What you DON’T know is what to do if you already ARE currently in Egypt on vacation right now.

Phil Otterson, of the Cragmont Baron Group, has made it his job to know exactly how these situations should be handled.  Phil has been helping businesses in the travel industry develop crisis prevention and management solutions for a long time.  He’s seen just about every situation you can imagine.  Today, he’ll be joining us in studio to talk about what goes on behind the scenes when you’re out on tour and disaster strikes.  It’s a fantastic interview and a real treat for anyone who’s considering a visit to exotic destinations.

Your Week in Sacramento

Barb Hennelly (aka Tenacity Jane), of the Sizzling Siren’s Burlesque Experience joins Michelle in-studio this week to introduce this week’s list of things to do in Sacramento!  As always, you can learn more about anything and everything going on in Sacramento by visiting!

Dance: Romeo and Juliet

Come see the Sacramento Ballet and their performance of “the world’s greatest love story.”  Enhance your enjoyment of the performance by joining Ron Cunningham 45 minutes prior to curtain for an informal and entertaining inside view of the show!

Festivals: Chinese New Year Celebration

Come celebrate the Year of the Rabbit at the Chinese New year Celebration.  Enjoy Lion Dance and Martial Arts, music, singing and dance performances, vendor booths, children’s games and ballroom dancing.

  • Sacramento State University Union
  • Saturday, Feb 12 noon-11pm

Kids & Fam: I Heart the Sacramento Zoo Day

Bring your valentine to this special day organized by the Sacramento Zoo teen volunteers.  There are valentine-themed animal enrichments, talks and activity tables.  Fun things include scented valentine cards for the lemurs and a special piñata celebrating Val-lynn-tine the giraffe’s sweet 16th birthday.

Nightlife: Art Mix: Love & Lust

Celebrate all that’s hot in February.  Write love letters and poems with the Sacramento Poetry Center, take the “couples in the collection” tour, hear from a panel of local artists about what “turns them on,” enjoy all night beats from DJ Mike Colossal and take in a performance from the Sacramento Sizzling Sirens Burlesque Experience.

The Rudest City in America

In yet another one of those utterly suspect readers’ polls that never fail to grab attention, Travel + Leisure magazine has anointed (drumroll, please) Los Angeles as America’s Rudest City, beating out everybody’s favorite in-your-face burg, New York.

The dubious honor comes as part of the magazine’s annual America’s Favorite Cities survey, in which it asks readers to rate 35 cities on 54 mostly subjective qualities. (Last fall, the magazine enlightened its readers about where to find America’s Most and Least Attractive Locals. Memphis got hit with the ugly stick. Charleston, S.C., ranked purtiest.)

In the perceived rudeness realm, it’s not surprising that congested cities in the nation’s northeast corridor rank high on the list. New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Boston and Baltimore landed in the top seven.

Following are the top 20 in descending order.

Weigh in below on whether you think T+L readers got it right.

  • 20. Anchorage
  • 19. Houston
  • 18. Providence
  • 17. Santa Fe
  • 16. Seattle
  • 15. Chicago
  • 14. San Francisco
  • 13. Memphis
  • 12. Phoenix/Scottsdale
  • 11. Atlanta
  • 10. Dallas/Fort Worth
  • 9. Orlando
  • 8. Las Vegas
  • 7. Baltimore
  • 6. Boston
  • 5. Washington
  • 4. Miami
  • 3. Philadelphia
  • 2. New York City
  • 1. Los Angeles

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2 Responses

  1. I own Panda ’88’ Asian Travel. Since the economy is slow right now, how are you doing with you travel business? It is slow right now for me.

  2. Mark says:

    Edwin –

    Because most of our clients are mature travelers, we have been able to dodge most of the recession bullet. Older folks didn’t generally have jobs to olose and their homes are often paid for, so their financial situation is less open to fluctuation.

    Having said that, we went from being modestly profitable to break even the last 24 months. But isn’t that the new normal?

    And we have had room in our budget for new ventures like the Travel Guys radio show, which is bound to be a gentle business builder in the long run.

    We are lucky, in our business, to have a wonderful relationship with our clients, and they have remained extremely loyal during up and down times. For my 31 years in business, I’ve been very fortunate to have a job that involves finding and taking people to interesting and wonderful places. That alone is such an incredible way to spend life’s journey, the $$$, while important, have become sorta secondary. That might sound a little corny, but it’s true.


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