A New Theme Park You’re Sure to Dig, B Street Theatre and Fuel Surcharges

The Travel and Entertainment Guys are digging deep to give you a unique show this Sunday. Our featured guest is Ed Mumm, who is the owner of Dig This, a new heavy equipment playground that is opening soon in Las Vegas. Ed will tell you how you can drive a front loader, tractor or other heavy equipment around his new “theme park,” just off the Las Vegas Strip. Absolutely the most interesting attraction we’ve come across in a while.

Bill Blake from the B Street Theatre stops by for an update on Sacramento’s most unique theatrical experience and be sure to be listening at the end of the show, when you’ll have a chance to win two tickets to ANY B Street performance. Finally, Mark discusses if fuel and other energy related surcharges are legit in his Just One Man’s Opinion commentary.

Spring Preview Day with Sports Leisure

Twice a year we offer an exclusive get-together for all our current and would-be travelers.  The day features live entertainment from all around the country, food, awesome prizes and a sneak peak at upcoming opportunities to explore the world with Sports Leisure.  The event is open to veteran Sports Leisure explorers and new travelers alike.  All you need is a passion for travel, a willingness to explore new places and an open schedule on April 1st or 2nd.  Click here to learn more!

B Street Theatre

Known for their innovative experiences and awesome productions, B Street Theatre has been entertaining us Sacramentoans since the early 90’s.  They have quite an awesome line up right now, featuring hit shows like CinderellaCircle Mirror Transformation and The 39 Steps!  We highly recommend you check them out!

Dig This

It’s not every day that you get to strap in some heavy machinery and start moving some earth.  Well, unless you frequent Dig This amusement park in Las Vegas, that is.  Their tagline of “America’s First Heavy Equipment Playground” just about sums it all up.  You show up, get some quick training and immediately head out to fulfill  all your giant sandbox fantasies!

Final Flight of the Discovery

The Space shuttle Discovery recently completely it’s final mission at the end of February.  The shuttle traveled over 150 miles during its lifetime and spent nearly an entire year in space.  It’s newest mission: entertaining lucky visitors to the Smithsonian Museum.  We stumbled on some stunning photos of the Discovery’s final mission.  Enjoy!

Take Control of Your Miles

We were recently introduced to a new website that tracks ALL of your airline mileage accounts and helps you manage them in a simple, intuitive way. Needless to say, we were all over it. Joining us this hour is GoMiles.com, a new way to take control of your airline miles. GoMiles collects all your data in one place, warns you before your miles expire, suggests ways to earn points faster and even helps you find the best way to redeem them. They even have a clever little search engine that finds flights from multiple airlines and let’s you know which ones are available using points….why didn’t we think of that?!?

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