Unique and Discounted Travel with Pauline Frommer and Ed Perkins

It’s always great to check in with old friends.  Pauline Frommer, daughter of legendary travel veteran Arthur Frommer, joins us once again to tell us how we can break out of our travel rut and find the unique destinations we’ve always dreamed of.  Next, Ed Perkins joins us to talk discounted airline tickets and purchasing airline miles from third parties.  It’s a talk you surely don’t want to miss!  Finally, we’ll be inviting you to two local events that are definitely worth your time!

Pauline Frommer

Pauline specializes in getting more bang for your buck while out and about.  Her philosophy is “spend less, see more,” and man, does she mean it.  She’s already written excellent guides on traveling New York on a Budget and Picnicking across Paris, but today, she’ll be joining us to demonstrate how she manages to stumble across these unique travel destinations over and over again.  With any luck, we’ll have you out of your travel rut and exploring new ground in no time!  You can learn more about Pauline at www.frommers.com/pauline.

Ed Perkins

Ed PerkinsSome of you may remember Ed from a previous show, where he offered some great travel tips for all of us to use.  Others may recall his days as editor of the Consumer Reports Travel Letter or his regular column at smartertravel.com.  But whether you’ve run into Ed a time or two in the past or not, one things’ for certain: the man knows his stuff when it comes to discounted travel and airline miles.  Today he joins us to share some of this knowledge, specifically with regard to business class travelers!

Community Events

Celebrate some of our area’s most inspiring and passionate artists at the 2011 KVIE Spring for the Arts event.  The event take place on Wednesday, April 6th and features a silent auction, art galleries, live entertainment and complimentary food and wine.  To learn more, head to www.kvie.org/springarts.

Next, we’d like to invite you to the 2011 Festival de la Familia.  This is an outdoor open-air event and a great time for the whole family.  Browse and create your own colorful works of art, enjoy live Latin entertainment and savory Latin dishes.  Best of all, Children ages 12 and under are free.  Enter discount code “KVIE” during checkout to receive your exclusive Travel Guys discount!


Last week, we featured a new service called GoMiles.com that we’re pretty big fans of.  Unfortunately, the link didn’t quite make it onto the site in time.  Special thanks to all the listeners who brought this to our attention!  We’d like to welcome you to check out last weeks show, where we spoke with representatives from the company and passed on a little review of our own.  For those of you already know how we feel about the service, go check them out at www.gomiles.com!

Links from the Show

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