Gail Levario with the TSA and Jonathan Williams of Capital Stage

Some of you may remember Gail Levario from her previous appearance on the show.  Today, she’ll be joining us once again to discuss all things TSA here in Sacramento and around the country.  Originally,  we had planned to have Gail field calls from our listeners and answer your questions directly.  Unfortunately, that’s no longer possible.  Instead, we’ll be asking Gail all the questions sent in before and during the show.  To ask a question of your own, simply head to our contact page and fill out the form.

Next, we’ll have Jonathan Williams, co-founder of Capital Stage, joining us in studio!

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2 Responses

  1. Hey Travel Guys,

    I just wanted to introduce myself: I’m the author of Frommer’s California and Frommer’s San Francisco. I also own a local travel company based in Sausalito called I’ve done plenty of TV and radio show (Bay Area Backroads, Eye on the Bay, etc.) and I think we could do some great co-promotions together. Check out my weekly travel feature in the Sunday Sacramento Bee (in the Living Here section).


    – Matt

  2. Mark says:

    Matt – Thanks for introducing yourself. I’ll take a look at the feature this weekend and follow up with you.

    Mark Hoffmann

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