Visiting the Holy Land, International Credit Cards and a New Type of Travel

Sunday afternoon with The Travel (and Entertainment) Guys this week will have a special Easter touch. Wayne Setness from Setness Tours in Stockton joins us to share his recent visit to the Holy Lands. From Bethlehem to Jerusalem, Wayne tells us why this is such an exciting destination. Wayne even has a great story about the area where Christ was crucified that you’ll find most interesting.

Ed Perkins, our Consumer Reporter, checks in with a full slate. Besides helping you avoid a variety of common travel scams, Ed has an important update regarding the issue of using your credit cards overseas. (On previous shows, we have discussed how the rest of the world is going to a “chip” system for credit cards, while the US has remained on the “magnetic strip.”) Be sure to check out Ed’s columns at

In the Travel News, Mark has the rundown on the news rules announced by the Department of Transportation this week regarding air travel. They are about as consumer friendly a group of regulations as you will ever find. Mark explains why these new rules will help travelers, despite the protests of the airlines.

In the entertainemnt segment of the program, Tom and Mark are joined by JonnyJ. Jonny is a modern day road warrior, roaming the countryside on his bike, creating interesting videos of the spots other people overlook. You’ll want to check out his stuff on his Facebook page, at .

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