New Zealand or Bust plus Traveling with Pets

Just another day in the office here at The Travel Guys! We’ll begin with a quick trip down to New Zealand and return for some tips on how to travel with pets. Plus, ever wondered just what’s going on inside the cockpit during flight? So have we, and we’ve tracked down just the guy to tell us. We hope you’ll join us for another exciting episode as we do our best to make you a smarter traveler!


Special Guests

After the Travel News, the guys are joined by Corey Marshall from Anderson Vacations. Corey’s company specializes in New Zealand, in part because Corey met his wife there (and who wouldn’t prefer to spend your North American Winters in New Zealand). He last joined us to report on the earthquake in Christchurch a few months ago. Sunday, he’s with us to regale listeners with the wonders of New Zealand. Sports Leisure Vacations will offer Corey’s New Zealand package on a departure next February. Click here for information on the trip.

Next up isĀ Henry Biernacki. Henry is a pilot for Virgin America Airlines and we’ve asked him on the air to give you a bit of a look behind the scenes in the cockpit. Henry is a published author, who has had an opportunity to travel the planet and discover some of the wonders of the world. He’s a pretty unique guy, and we hope he’ll be a regular on the show. Be listening at 2:35 for a fascinating, extended interview.

Finally, a feature that some will find very informative. We want you to Be a Smarter Traveler. To do so, we’ll be featuring a special section on traveling with your pets. Expect to learn some important tips for traveling with your beloved animals.

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