Lax Airline Consumer Protection Laws, Reward Opportunities and the Big Build

Remember those new airline consumer protection laws we were all so excited about?  Well we may have spoken too soon!  Ed Perkins, our favorite Consumer Reporter and frequent guest of the show joins us to discuss the Department of Transportation’s recent decision to back off on enforcing a few of the new laws.  It’s an alarming development to say the least!  Ed will also be joining us to discuss the United/Continental merger and the interesting reward opportunities it gives to American Express users.

Next up is Gina Swankie, spokesperson for The Big Build – the newest addition to the Sacramento International Airport – to talk about the progress they’ve made and what to expect over the coming months.  The new terminal is scheduled to open in October and will include a state-of-the-art people moving system.

Joshua and Robin Berry Children’s Trust

The tragic story of Joshua and Robin Berry’s death while returning home from vacation has truly touched our hearts.  We want to encourage you all to check out the Trust’s facebook page, keep updated on the children’s progress and consider making a donation.  You can visit their page by clicking here.

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