Northern California’s iPhone App, World Music & Dance Festival and Writing Complaints

This week on the travel guys we’ll be introducing you to a new app for finding things to do in Northern California.  The app, called NorCalGuide, features activities, events, top restaurants and hotels by destination.  The app is free and can be downloaded by visiting  iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch only.

Next up, we’ll be visited in studio by the World Music & Dance Festival.  For more information on the festival, visit them online at  For information on how to audition, please email Bret Freeman  Check out this video highlighting last year’s event!

Finally, have you ever had a travel experience that wasn’t up to par?  Perhaps you wanted to write a letter or an e-mail and let someone know about it.  Sunday, we are joined by Christopher Elliott, a syndicated consumer reporter and writer, whose column frequently appears in the Sunday edition of the Sacramento Bee.

Christopher will share tips on what to write, who to write to and what to ask for in return if you think you didn’t get what you paid for.  Truly, his tips apply to any type of complaint situation, not just travel.

All that and more on another episode of The Travel Guys!

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