Family Vacations and Burning Man

Sunday with The Travel Guys

Our featured guest is Lisa Poirot, editor of Lisa has a ton of tips for traveling with the kids. If you travel with your family, or near or around other families, you’ll want to catch this great interview.

A large unpopulated area of the Nevada desert has been host to a unique tourist attraction (?) for 25 years. Phil Cowan, formerly of the Paul and Phil Morning Radio Show, joins us to talk about Burning Man, a spectacle in the desert. If you’ve never been, this is the only way you’ll learn about it. If you have attended in the past, see how Phil’s recall matches yours.

We’ll talk a look at, a terrific resource for finding out what’s happening in the community. Finally, we chat for a short time with Ben Schlappig, who blogs at Ben has an update on what the merger of United and Continental Airlines will mean to Frequent Flyers and not-so-frequent-flyers. See you Sunday…

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