Cruising through hurricanes, Boston Pops and a little Sports Leisure History

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT This weekend’s show, on September 11th, will be canceled in favor of a special KFBK 9/11 special.  To learn more about the special, visit KFBK here.  Tune in next weekend, on September 18th, when we’ll be joined by Virgin Airlines pilot Henry Biernacki!

This week’s edition of The Travel Guys includes a live interview with Mark from Chicago. On Saturday Mark and 36 Sports Leisure Travelers attended the Notre Dame – South Florida football game in South Bend, Indiana. Thunderstorms forced the suspension of the game twice, at halftime for two hours and for 43 minutes in the fourth quarter. There’s a story there, and Mark along with guest tour host Kelly Brothers have the “we were there” details.

Then we shift gears and bring in Carolyn Spencer-Brown, on line guru at Carolyn tells us that cruise lines had to decide how to handle the hurricane last week. Some did a great job, some were terrible. We think Smarter Travelers need to know how cruise lines perform when the chips are down and you’ll get the scoop from Carolyn.

If attending a Boston Pops concert is on your “bucket list,” don’t miss the last segment of the show. We’ll tell you how to attend a Boston Pops Christmas Show as part of a group, or by purchasing your own tickets. Either way, learn more about America’s favorite orchestra.

In a special segment, Tom talks to Mark and Clayton Whitehead, Road Reporter and Mark’s business partner at Sports Leisure. It’s an insightful and “off the cuff” interview about how Mark started his company and how Sports Leisure has come to be a respected part of the community after 32 years. A busy and fun-filled day on The Travel Guys!

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