United and Continental Mileage Plans and Prelude to the Season

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United and Continental Mileage Plans merge – And Guess what, It’s Not Good News for Most Frequent Flyers….

The long awaited merging of United and Continental’s frequent flyer plans have been announced. The news is not particularly good. Lots of PR fluff, but some serious benefits have been lost. If you are a frequent United or Continental flyer, you’ll want to join us this weekend, as we decide who wins the latest round of “Frequent Flyer Wars.” Consumer Reporter Ed Perkins joins Mileage Pro Ben Schlappig and Road Reporter Kevin Murphy as we disect the new plan point by point.

In our entertainment segment, the Sacramento Arts and Business Council is about to unveil “Prelude to the Season,” the kickoff of the cultural arts season in the Sacramento region. We’ll tell you how you can get tickets to this exclusive event, Friday, October 14th, at the Doubletree Hotel.

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