Closing State Parks, Hillmar Cheese and Christmas Gifts for the Traveler in your Life

We’ve got a busy show in store today and we can’t wait to share it with you!  First, do to budget cuts, California is currently in the process of closing 70 state parks.  Traci Verardo-Torres joins us to discuss the Save Our State Parks movement, which will be hosting an event at the Capitol on Tuesday.  You can learn more about upcoming park closures and the ongoing efforts to save them by visiting their webpage at

Next, we’ll be taking you from state parks to cheese as today’s episode highlights local favorite Hilmar Cheese Company.  Hilmar hosts a holiday extravaganza each year that is always a great time.  You can learn more about the event by visiting their website at  Interested in checking it out without worrying about the drive, tickets or traffic?  Sports Leisure Vacations offers a day trip featuring convenient bus transportation and a buffet lunch.

Yes, we know it’s still Halloween, but it’s never too early to start talking Christmas gifts.  That’s why we’ve brought Jon Holloway of Holloway Travel and Outfitters back in to suggest some gift ideas for all the travelers in your life.  He’s got some great ideas, all of which can be found on his site at

Finally, hotels have been following in the steps of the airlines lately, which isn’t great for us consumers.  Ed Perkins will be tuning in to talk about what’s going on and how it will impact travelers in the near future.

Halloween Town House

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