Grannies on Safari and the Pros and Cons of Travel Credit Cards

First up on this week’s episode of The Travel Guys is a guest appearance from Grannies on Safari! Regina and Pat, two best friends with a shared passion for travel, culture and connecting with people join us to discuss a few of their latest adventures. These “grannies” are absolutely hilarious and have quite a few stories to share, we certainly hope you’ll join us for the interview.

Next up is Rick Ingersoll, frugal travel expert and blogger over at Long time listeners already know that Mark is a big proponent of airline point programs and gaming the system for deals and upgrades. It’s true that there is a whole world of free flights, first class upgrades and extra service waiting for those willing to take the lumps and bumps that come along with playing the game. Some things we don’t often stop to consider, however, are the consequences to opening several credit cards, spending money for points and taking cross country flights for the purpose of gaining points (These “mileage runs,” as they’re called, often include multiple stops, long flights and nights in airports). Rick joins us today to discuss not only how you can find the best deals and game the system, but also whether or not you even should. This is an excellent interview for anyone out there hoping to be a smarter traveler but not sure how to get started.

Finally, we’ll check in with Mark as he ends yet another sprint of cross country (and even cross ocean) trips. He’s sure to have more than a few stories to share!

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