Visiting Grandma with Points, Bingo Live in Studio and an Update from Ed Perkins

We’ve got a great show in store for you today, so be sure to tune in!  First up is Mommy Points, a blog dedicated to collecting points and family travel for free.  We’ve all heard about business travel and vacations on points, but what about gaming the system to visit Grandma?  Summer joins us to show the ins and outs, ups and downs of mileage points for families.  It’s a unique point of view that we’re really excited to share with you!

Next up, we have the cast of “Bingo” live in studio to tell us about the show and regale us with a little entertainment.  They put on a spectacular show and we highly recommend you check it out.  “Bingo” plays at the Cosmopolitan Cabaret and can be seen anytime up until January 8th.  Don’t wait too long though, you don’t want to miss it!

Finally, we’ll be joined once again by Ed Perkins from Smarter Travel to talk about the first  US credit card company to embed the chips necessary for using cards overseas.  Ed always has a wealth of information to share, so make sure you listen in.

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