Las Vegas, A Chocolate Festival and International Credit Cards

This week’s edition of the travel guys features both information for the veteran and the casual traveler.  Plus, Mark has the “rest of the Alec Baldwin story” in the Travel News, including details you may not have heard anywhere else.

Last week Mark attended the National Tour Association Convention in Las Vegas. He came away with some interesting opinions. You won’t want to miss his “rant” on pros and cons of a Las Vegas getaway.

Next, Ed Perkins joins us to report on a story we first mentioned over a year ago. It involves computer chips in credit cards, part of a new system overseas. Now, for the first time, a U.S. card company is getting with the program. Ed tells us who and how important this issue is to the international traveler using credit cards.

Finally, we take you on a “stayacation,” less than a day’s drive from Sacramento. The Chocolate Festival in March in Ashland, Oregon, is entering its eighth year. It’s growing in popularity and is a great early spring season getaway. We have all the details on the festival, with Karolina Wyszynska of the Ashland Springs Hotel (the festival’s creator) on hand to tell us all about how you can be a part of it.

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