Big Toys, Big Plans and a Big Mistake

The New Year’s Day edition of The Travel Guys is a “split program.” In the first half, Mark and Tom take a look back at two of their most interesting interviews of 2011. The first is with the owner of “The Big Digg” in Las Vegas. This is the story of how big boys can rent and play with big toys in the dessert. We thought it worthy of a second play. Our second “best of 2011” is a story from a delightful couple Mark met on the Lincoln Highway. They made it there mission to plant trees in all 50 states near a place bearing their last name…Jackson. It’s a travel story with a real different angle.

Speaking of different angles, the second half of the show is dedicated to something a little more serious. About two years ago, Air France flight 447 disappeared over the Atlantic Ocean, between South America and Europe. Now, with the help of Jeff Wise, a writer for Popular Mechanics magazine, we have the real story of what happened on that fateful flight. Jeff tells the story of what the black boxes revealed, and it’s a fascinating, although tragic story.

Jeff tells us human error appears to have been one of the reasons for the crash. You’ll want to hear the interview, then join us NEXT Sunday, when Virgin America pilot Henry Biernacke joins us to talk not only about his world travels, but to address the subject Jeff talks about, the potential for pilot human error. Is it something we should be concerned with, or was this just one of those one time events. We take you behind-the-scenes to give you the whole story.

Auld Lang Syne

We’ve all heard it, we all pretend to know how to sing it…but what does it even mean? Watch the video below to find out!

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