Henry Biernacki Talks Flying Safety and a Special Deal at Local Diners

Sunday’s Travel Guys show has a unique slant. Two years ago, an Air France flight mysteriously disappeared over the Atlantic on its way to Paris. After a lengthy search, the black boxes from the plane were located on the ocean floor.

Now, with the help of Jeff Wise, we have the rest of the story. We are joined in studio Sunday by our friend Henry Biernacki. Henry is a regular guest and also flies for Virgin America Airlines.

One of the topics Henry previously addressed with us was his concern that pilots were being encouraged to use auto pilot frequently in the skies. It appears that approach may have contributed to the Air France disaster. We’ll get Henry’s insight, and also talk about his world travels by backpack.

Many Sacramento restaurants are participating in a special promotion this month. You can get a wonderful dinner at a great price. We’ll have all the details.

Hard news stories, adventure and ideas for local outings – All Sunday with Mark and Tom.

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