Smarter Travel and The Land Down Under

Join Tom and Mark Sunday as they offer a plethora of information to make you a smarter traveler. After the news, we are joined by Consumer Reporter Ed Perkins. Ed has a full plate, as we talk about new travel apps for your smart phones, the latest travel scams to avoid in the New Year and why the possible merger of Delta and American airlines would be terrible news for travelers. Ed’s one of the best in the business and he’ll make you a smarter traveler.

Our call-in segment asks a couple of important travel questions – What’s most important to you when it comes to flying? Good service, the lowest fare, the best seat, a frequent flyer program? We want to hear from you. Two lucky callers with the most to contribute will win $25 gift cards from Chili’s Restaurants. We may even have a guest from the magical world of Disney.

Later, we are joined by Matt Knowles, of Sea Escape Travel stops by to talk about a visit to Australia. Matt has ideas for the regular spots and some terrific “off-the-beaten-track” tidbits that will interest those who have been to Australia previously, or have a trip planned. Explore “The Land Down Under” with us. Sunday, on The Travel Guys.

Wunderland in Five Minutes

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