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It’s the Travel Guys first-ever “Ask The Expert(s)” program this Sunday. You ask the questions, we provide the answers. Those who are judged to ask the best questions by our panel of judges will receive their choice of a $25 Chili’s Restaurant Dining Gift Card, or two tickets to see “Forbidden Broadway” at the Cosmopolitan Cabaret downtown.

We’ll take your calls after the opening news segment. Michael Downer of the Sports Leisure Vacations staff will be in studio to assist Mark and Tom with anything you might ask. Have a question about airport security, traveling with small children or elderly parents? We’ll get the answers. Want to know when is the best time to buy an airline ticket? How to get that elusive 25,000 mile airline ticket with your frequent flyer miles?

We’ll take calls starting at 2:15pm. Or, you can ask your question right now, just fill out the form below, click and send it in. We’ll get it immediately. If your question is read on the air, you’ll be eligible to win one of the prizes.

Contact form removed after the show!  You can still ask us questions anytime you like over on our contact page.  Join us next Sunday at 2pm Pacific!

Coming up on The Travel Guys…

On Sunday, March 4, we make our annual visit to one of the biggest travel events in North America, the New York Times Travel Show. Marks on the floor in search of the most interesting guests – offering unusual travel products and exciting destinations.

Be sure to register for our 2nd Mystery Spot Contest, coming in March. The Grand Prize will be your choice of spectacular vacation packages to places like New York City, Hawaii or even the dream vacation of your choice. Click here to register and receive bonus clues and prizes opportunities.

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