Rob on the Road and the IRS Taxing Frequent Flyer Miles

Today on The Travel Guys, consumer reporter Ed Perkins checks in with an update on the story about the IRS taxing frequent flyer miles. KVIE’s Rob Stewart is also in studio, sharing recent adventures with his “Rob OnThe Road” series on Channel 6.

Our “your thoughts” segment gives you the opportunity to call in and tell Tom and Mark what you like least about staying in hotels.

Next week: is cruising safe? Our panel of experts will take a look.

Group Travel Commercials

One of our travelers sent in these commercials she found about group travel. We just love them, check them out below!

Its come to our attention that one of the videos below contained inappropriate content in the advertisements shown after the commercial ends. Unfortunately, those advertisements are controlled by YouTube and we cannot remove them. We have removed the offending commercial, but wanted to make you aware of it in case any more show up in the remaining videos

Links from the Show

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