Another Mystery Spot and US Olympic Gymnastics

It’s week number two of our Mystery Spot Contest.  We offer up clues to a destination, when Tom and Mark give the signal – the lines will open up and you’ll have the opportunity to call or email your guess to win!  The first posted winner on the call screen at the station or the first time dated answered is received online will win a $100 gift card from Ruth Chris Steak House.  If you’re registered online or a follower on facebook, you’ll also be eligible to come to the station in person for the Mystery Spot Finals and perhaps win a trip for two to New York City or Hawaii, including 5 nights airfare and accommodations for two.  Remember to register before you guess.  Registered players also receive a special clue prior to the show each week!

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This contest has ended, please tune in next sunday for another chance to win!

Also on today’s show: Tom interviews a legendary gymnast, to discuss the US Olympic Gymnastic Trials in San Jose in June; and Mark has the Travel News, along with some interesting spots he’s found along and near the Santa Fe Trail in Kansas and New Mexico.

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