An Event for Cruisers and Another Mystery Spot

The Mystery Spot Contest enters week three on The Travel Guys on Easter Sunday. Can you figure out the day’s secret destination? Those who are registered to win the Grand Prize have already received an advance clue. Mark will give the next clue during the Travel News. Sunday’s prize is a $50 American Express Gift Card. Each weekly winner, if they have registered on line or on Facebook, is eligible to win the Grand Prize, your choice of 5 nights in Hawaii or New York City, plus airfare for two.

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Also joining Mark (Tom is off for the holiday) is Laurie Dishman. Laurie will tell us about a special event hosted by VOICES and the International Cruise Victims group. coming up in El Dorado Hills. Regular listeners will remember Laurie as a guest in June of 2010, when Congresswoman Doris Matsui appeared on the show with Laurie, to explain the new laws designed to protect travelers on the high seas.

Plus, find out why taxi cab drivers are losing money by the gas tank full and about the new cheaper way to fly with Delta. We’ll make you a smarter traveler, Sunday at 2pm, on FM Newstalk 92.5 and AM 1530 KFBK.

Voices – A Fundraising Event for the International Cruise Victims Association

  • When: Saturday, April 28, 2012
  • Time: 6-10pm
  • Where: 471 Salmon Falls Road, El Dorado Hills
  • Cost: $50
For more information, please contact the association at (916) 769 – 3444 or visit them online at

WestJet Introduces KargoKids

Sadly (for some 😉 ), this was just an April Fools joke, but be sure to check out our episode on flying with Children for some real-life ways to make your next family trip a more peaceful one!

WestJet wasn’t the only airline getting in on the fun, Virgin Atlantic announced their new Onboard Pet Therapy program for fearful flyers, while Air New Zealand announced StraightUpFares – for all you travelers out there who don’t mind standing for the duration of your flight and eating your complimentary….unicorn meat….yes, we’re serious.

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