KIVA – And How Travel Lovers Like Us Can Make the World a Better Place

Sunday represents a special broadcast for us. We differ from our usual “travel and entertainment” theme to tell you about a unique charity Mark has uncovered. It’s called KIVA, and you can find them online at We encourage you to log on and follow along with us as we take you on a journey around the world.

KIVA is a way for the average person (or traveler) to make a difference, by loaning money to someone in need, $25 at a time. On today’s show, you’ll meet Randy Peterson, the granddaddy of all frequent flyer web sites, and the man who started a particular group of KIVA contributors. It’s a fascinating topic and Randy is a great interview.

Next up is Matt Flannery. Matt is the man behind the KIVA idea. He will share his story with us, one we think you’ll find fascinating.

Finally, you meet the frequent flyer who brought Mark and all the rest of the miles-and-points mob to San Francisco to learn about hte charity they have been supporting, to the tune of millions of dollars. That is perhaps the biggest story here, that a small group of people who like to travel are making a difference. We invite you to go to the KIVA web site and decide if you might like to try changing the world $25 at a time.

Next week, the in studio live finals of our Mystery Spot Contest, where someone wins at trip to Hawaii or New York City. Mother’s Day at 2pm on The Travel Guys.

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