Moloka’i and the Sacramento Music Festival

Long time listeners of the show (as well as frequent Sports Leisure Travelers) will know that Mark holds a special place in his heart for the islands of Hawaii. We’ve dedicated several shows to unearthing some of the islands’ more interesting and little-known spots. This week we’ll be joined by Julie-Ann Bicoy to introduce you to one of the most undervisited islands in the entire state – the island of Moloka’i. Julie-Ann is the Director of tourism there.

Moloka’i was first made famous by the government enforced leper colonies that existed there prior to 1969, when they were officially shut down. The area is also known as the home of Father Damien, a Roman Catholic Priest turned Saint who spent many years assisting the patients there. Since then, the colony has been converted into a gorgeous state park – the only remaining residents being the patients that were invited to live the remainder of their lives there. Fascinating history aside, the island offers a spectacular opportunity to travelers who want to witness a whole new side of Hawaii. We’re extremely excited to share it with you.

One of the most famous activities on Moloka’i is the mule ride down to the site of the leper colony. Tom actually made that trip, so he’ll contribute his memories of the island to the discussion

Next, Mark takes a minute to make you a smarter traveler by sharing a couple of bogus new travel schemes he’s stumbled on. You’ve probably all received the dreaded “free vacation giveaway” phone calls – well the scheme has taken on a new twist in recent months that we think you need to be aware of. Also on the hit list for today are a few of the more shady tactics and things to look out for while renting a car.

Finally, Tom has an interview with a representative from the Sacramento Music Festival. Us Sacramentans probably know the festival better as the famous Sacramento Jazz Festival. The now-renamed festival is back, but with a few changes we think you’ll love. More on that during the show!

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For frequent flyers/travelers who want to learn more (an run with the big dogs), we recommend these sites. They speak a different language, so don’t be surprised if it’s a little over the average person’s head. But there’s a lot of great information for be found, and experts who can help answer questions.

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