Ed Perkins Global Adventure and The California Trail

What a great Sunday afternoon with The Travel and Entertainment Guys. When we last talked with our friend Ed Perkins, he was about to embark on an “around-the-world-trip-of-a-lifetime.” Ed has returned to his home in Ashland, Oregon, and is with us to share his adventures in Istanbul, Dubai and Geneva. He had a couple of logistical problems (and knowing about them will make you a smarter traveler). Did we mention that Ed is 82? And that he made this journey alone? Tune in and hear all about his adventures.

There is a new California attraction opening up…in Nevada. Elko, Nevada is the new home of the California Trail Interpretive Center, which is opening this weekend. Tom Lester from Elko stops in to tell us all about it.

Last Week, our favorite airline pilot, Henry Biernacki, co-hosted with Mark. But he left some business unfinished, so we’ll connect with him to get you “the rest of the story.” And finally, Linda Nalbandian is in studio to tell us about her one-woman show coming up at the Geery Theater in June. All in one hour (54 minutes to be exact), this Sunday with Mark and Tom on The Travel Guys.

Links from the Show

Which Airlines Programs are the most (least) generous?

IdeaWorks has just released an updated study of the most and least generous frequent flyer programs.  Check out the list below and continue here for more info!

Weird Potato Chip Flavors you KNOW you Want to Try!

Check out this list of weird potato chip flavors from around the world.  Personal favorites include hot dog and smokey bacon flavors….mmmm.  Not so high on my list are Hot Chili Squid and Octopus….call me crazy, but I don’t think those will make it on the shopping list anytime soon!

Beautiful Gas Station Photos

As any classic highway warrior knows, stumbling across old stations along the road is very much a part of the thrill.  A friend recently forwarded these beauties my way, and I couldn’t wait to share them with you!


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