The People of Route 66

This Sunday’s show is the first of a two-part series, on one of America’s historic highways, Route 66. Have you ever wished you could get in your car, get off the interstate and see the country? You can. That’s exactly what Mark and Road Reporter Chris Galloway are doing this week, exploring The Main Street of America.

Mark is live from Route 66 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. On the trip from Chicago, Mark and Chris have been uncovering interesting oddities and attractions along the old highway. From a rabbit who signs autographs to a giant pink elephant that beckons travelers, they have found a rash of interesting people and places.

Finally, if you think YOU’VE had a tough time booking award tickets lately, just wait till you hear what Ben had to go through while booking tickets for the London Olympics!

If you’re an arm chair traveler or a road warrior, come with us on this “off the beaten track” adventure. Meet the people of Route 66, Sunday at 2pm, on The Travel Guys.

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