The People of Route 66 Part 2

Sunday The Travel Guys finish their journey down historic Route 66. Along the way, Mark met some real characters and now you’ll meet them too! Melba is one of “Four Women on the Road,” who run a gift shop in Galena, Kansas, on the old highway. They also have a famous landmark sitting in their front yard. Tune in and get the details.

Further down the road, in Oklahoma, is Dawn and the Rock Cafe. A 70-year old grill means “The Rock” has the best burgers in the land. Finally, The Mediocre Music Makers, Harley and Annabelle from Erick, OK, just east of the Texas border, join the guys to provide their own brand of fun-filled red neck humor.

Road Reporter Chris Galloway joined Mark on the journey and he joins us in studio to share his commentary on traveling Route 66. As always, the travel news is filled with interesting and educational tidbits you can use. Join Tom, Mark and Chris, The Travel Guys, Sunday at 2pm.

Dawn from the Rock Cafe

Learn more about the fire that destroyed the Rock Cafe and the rebuilding process

Harley and Annabelle – the Mediocre Music Makers

Harley and Annabelle, the Mediocre Music Maker online

Midpoint Cafe

View the Midpoint Cafe online

4Women on the Route

4Women on the Route online

Links from the Show

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