Christopher Elliott talks TSA, “Stupid” Airline Travelers and a Killer Virus

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  1. Kathryn Williams says:

    I caught a portion of yesterday’s radio show and heard the comments made on Glenn Beck’s recent experience when on board American Airlines. The flight attendant’s poor service to Glenn Beck should not have taken place. A flight attendant can either provide the best of service at all times to all passengers or be fired. As an airline passenger I will not be flying American Airlines. Glenn Beck thanked this flight attendant for providing the better service to his family members and received the reply “that’s okay and you deserved it” next to the pilot and others on board. Another passenger let Beck know they could not believe what they heard.

    The excuse you made for this bad service was wrong. Glenn Beck has not berated gays. Obviously you know little about Glenn Beck and should not be talking about him.

    Publicity like this will not help American Airlines.

    Thank you,


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