Trip Trotting, Community Minded Casinos and an Excellent Local Chorus

This week’s edition of The Travel Guys includes an introduction to “Trip Trotting,” an on line service that connects you to local people when you travel. Find out how to meet people in far-away places through this unique service.

California casinos don’t just take your money and run, they are part of the community. Rich Hoffman from Jackson Rancheria is on hand with an example of community spirit. Speaking of community spirit, our entertainment segment tells you about some wonderful concerts that are offered in our city for very reasonable prices. The Sacramento Valley Chorus is well worth your time and cultural arts dollars.

In our Listener Talkback section, Mark and Tom ask, “What are the things most frequently left behind in a hotel room by guests?,” and “What are the world’s happiest places?” We are talking countries, not Disneyland. Call in and you could be the winner of a Cheesesteak Factory dining card or an ARCO gas card, just for listening.

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2 Responses

  1. Merrillyn says:

    The music you played today at end of show….”where every moment seems to be….blah, blah…..
    What was the song and the group singing it??

    • Mark says:

      The song is called “Days Are Numbers,” or “The Traveller,” and it’s by the Alan Parsons Project…and thanks for listening.

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