Henry Biernacki for All Your Pilot Questions

Sunday’s edition of The Travel Guys features our favorite guest, Virgin Airlines Pilot Henry Biernacki. Henry is actually flying in for the show, arriving in San Francisco after a cross country trip from Newark Sunday morning. You can’t find a more dedicated guest than that!

We’ve asked you to submit questions to Henry, and you have, so we’ll get him to answer those, plus invite you to call in and ask whatever you’ve always wanted to ask the guy or gal in the cockpit. Henry is a world traveler of a unique sort, and if you’ve never heard him on the show, you are in for a fascinating hour. If you are tuning in to listen to the podcast, enjoy…

Next week on The Travel Guys, Mark rounds up guests from the recent frequent flyer gathering in Chicago, where ideas were exchanged on all kinds of ways to get more value from your miles and points. Whether you are a beginner, or an accomplished mileage runner, you won’t want to miss this special program.

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