A Stroll Through Memory Lane with The Travel Guys

Last week, The Travel Guys announced they will be taking a break (or maybe Travel Guys take a vacation). Mark Hoffmann, of Sports Leisure Vacations, will be serving as Chairman of the National Tour Association next year, and those duties make it impossible to create a weekly radio show. We sincerely hope to return to the radio sometime next fall, perhaps sooner.

The last broadcast will be next Sunday, November 25th. We hope you’ll tune in. This Sunday, we begin a short parade of some of our favorite guests from the last three years. The ones you responded to the most, the people who willingly give their time to be a part of our program.

Ed Perkins is first. Ed has been a advocate for travels for most of his career. Now somewhat retired and living in Ashland, Oregon, Ed writes for www.Smartertravel.com and other publications, sharing his many years of expertise. That’s what he has done for us for the last three years, on a regular basis. He has a few more tips on recent developments in the travel world and accepts our thanks. (It’s important to know we have never paid a guest to be a part of our show, so those who appear, especially on a regular basis, do so because they want to.)

Next is Jon Holloway, of Holloway Travel Outfitters on Fulton Avenue. Jon’s mother and father founded California’s first travel store in 1978, just up the street from where Mark lived when he started Sports Leisure. Hear the never before told story of Holloway Travel Outfitters, and enjoy a walk down memory lane with us.

Mark has the names of some lucky Sports Leisure Travel Club listeners who will win a prize, the always humorous travel news and an update on next week’s final (for now) broadcast. Thank you to everyone reading this update, for listening to the program either live or on live and for your support. Tom and Mark have truly enjoyed sharing their Sundays with you for the last three years and look forward to coming back as soon as time will allow.

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