So What’s Going to Happen with The Travel Guys?

As many of you already know, The Travel Guys went on vacation last week.  No, not forever, but just for a little while.  Mark has accepted the role of Chairman for the National Tour Association and will unfortunately be too busy to dedicate the time it takes to produce a quality radio show.  But have no fear, we’ll still be around in one form or another.

For starters, we welcome you to continue using as a source for the same great travel tips and news you’ve come to expect from the weekly show.  We’ll be adding new content as often as we stumble on it.  The previous podcasts will still be available, of course, and we’ll even be cycling some of the more popular ones to the front page for our listeners to enjoy.

We’re dabbling with a few other ideas, and will update you all here as things come to fruition!

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