Urban Hikes, National Train Day, and Vacation Home Rental Risks

urban hikes

  • In the Travel News, Hilton and Holiday Inn (IHG) have announced their award program changes for 2014 and they are extremely minor, good news for members of their respective programs.  Delta Air Lines is in the news again for placing advertising tags on travelers luggage, and Mark shares his thoughts on how he would be happy to “rent” space on his bags to the airlines.
  • At 3:15, we are joined by Alexandra Kenin, Founder of Urban Hikes, a San Francisco company which leads people on treks around the city’s many hills and neighborhoods. Sounds like a great getaway from the heat of summer in the valley.
Gwen Duncan with Cordially Yours Travel

Gwen Duncan with Cordially Yours Travel

  • Ed Perkins joins us at 3:40, to opine on things to beware of when you are considering a Vacation Home Rental.  Hint: Do your homework is high on the list, along with something you probably wouldn’t think of.
  • At 3:50, Guest Co-Host Steve LaRosa has an announcement about a multi-cultural family fair on May 4th which takes place on 35th St., lots of great fun and Steve will have all the details.


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