Uber, Airbnb, Hawaii Airfare, and a Chance to Call in and Win a Prize


  • In the Travel News, Uber drivers in Seattle may be forming a union.  Yes, that’s right, the on line “hitch a ride” drivers may be forming a union.  And Airbnb is feeling the long arm of the regulatory agencies as it tries to be a legitimate part of the travel community.  Mark and Tom have all the details.
  • Gwen Duncan is along with the Deal of the Week, which this week has to do with meal passes and packages inside Disneyland parks.  Mark also has a tip on airfares to Hawaii at the end of the summer.  A hint, it’s the cheapest time of the year to travel to the islands.
  • We open up the prize trunk and give away some goodies.  Call us and tell us your favorite hotel chain, or just favorite place to stay and why.  You might win a dining gift card.


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