More About Ben Schlappig, Sports Tours and Travel, and Things You Should Say to Your Flight Attendant



  • Ben Schlappig of One Mile at a Time is not only one of our favorite travel bloggers, he’s also an expert world traveler.  Ben is homeless in an unusual way.  He’s changing addresses around the world every 2-4 weeks, and no longer has a home base.  How many of us wish we could do that? Ben updates us on his most recent stops on the journey of a lifetime.
  • Ever wish you could be at the Baseball Hall of Fame’s annual induction ceremony in August? Maybe attend the World Series?  Perhaps snag a ticket to the Super Bowl or any major sporting event?  There’s a company to help with that, Sports Tours and Travel.  We introduce you to Jay Smith, who can take you to all those places.
  • Mark and Tom share the things you SHOULD say to your flight attendant (as opposed to last week, when we share the list of things you shouldn’t say).


TIME FOR THREE’s violins DENIED on USAir Flight! See video below:

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