Africa Hope Fund, Popular BBQ Spots, the Increasing TSA Fees, and Uber


  •  If Africa is your travel passion, meet Carol Van Bruggen.  Her travels to Africa awakened a different sort of passion.  She calls it the Africa Hope Fund.  On July 20th, a special event will raise funds for that mission.  Carol is live in studio to talk about her travels and how they have impacted her life.
  •  Everyone loves barbecue, especially in the summertime.  Mark has a list of the most popular barbecue spots in the country. Road Reporter Steve LaRosa is on hand to lend his own take on local joints worth patronizing, Tom and Mark share their favorites.
  • Gwen Duncan of Cordially Yours Travel will be in studio to talk with is about the upcoming increase in TSA fees.  How much is it and how will it show up on your ticket.  Is it justified?
  • Next week’s show focuses on ride sharing services, specifically on Uber.  If you are a Uber passenger, driver or have experiences you’d like to share, please contact Mark at 916-208-6989, or send him a note from the form on this page.  We’d love to talk to you.


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