Tom Reviews Lyft and Uber Live on the Show and Ed Perkins Discusses Value Added Taxes

  • In a great live radio experiment, we are sending Tom out on of the studio, during the show, to ride in/on two different new ride-sharing services, Lyft and Uber.  He’ll take a ride on each, summoning the cars from his phone, and reporting back in to us during and after his experience.
  • We’ll talk to ride sharers, but drivers and riders.  Feel free to share your experiences at 916-921-1530 or 800-834-1530.  We’ll discuss both the up and downside of ride sharing.  Know a cab driver who would like to share his  or her feelings on the issue?
  • Ed Perkins, one of our favorite consumer reporters, joins us to discuss Value Added Taxes (VAT).  IF you are traveling to a foreign country, we may have information that can save you or get you refunded, sizeable dollars.


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