Ghost Hunter in Southern Nevada, an Airfare Sale, and Tell Us What Your Pet Travel Peeves Are

pet peeve
  • Robert George Allen is our special guest on the show.  He is a renowned “ghost hunter” in southern Nevada.  A retired entertainer, Robert’s current “haunt” is the almost ghost town of Goodsprings, Nevada, in the mountains outside of Las Vegas.  Come along as Robert regales us of tales of the Pioneer Saloon and it’s residents. Mark is creating a tour of ghost towns for next spring and Robert is one of his discoveries.
  • We are taking your calls to find out what your pet travel peeves are.  What REALLY irritates you when you travel?  Screaming children?  The TSA? Airline and hotel fees?  The two pet peeved callers, as judged by our panel, will win $50 gift cards.


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