A Hotel That Eliminates Fees, More Pet Peeves, and the Hope Flight Foundation

whiteface lodge

We’ve talked a lot of the show about how hotels are copying the airlines and charging their guests all kinds of creative fees to pump up profits.  But we’ve found a hotel that’s doing the opposite.  They eliminated resort fees of all kinds.  The GM of the Whiteface Lodge at Lake Placid joins us to explain how less can be more.

Mark has a list of the ten ways hotels annoy their guests.  We bet some of your pet peeves are on the list.  There’s big run in Old Sacramento through Monday and we have details.

Finally, many times we think of travel as only being for business or pleasure.  Sometimes it can save a life.  The Hope Flight Foundation is making life easier for Northern California children and their families who need to care for them.. Hope Flight provides air transportation for sick kids.  We introduce you to a company that is doing a lot of good in and around our community.


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