The Berkeley Idea Festival, A New Frequent Guest Program and Some Updates!


Topics include the Berkeley Idea Festival, coming up in two weeks, it’s a gathering of people with great ideas.  Learn more about this unique event, which is open to the public.

The Red Lion Inn hotel chain is about to roll out their new Frequent Guest program.  It has a fairly unique twist, which if it works as planned might build customer loyalty from day one. We’ll tell you about it and let you decide if it’s something you think will make the brand stronger.  Red Lion Inns have been a part of the hotel scene in Sacramento for decades.

Kevin Murphy has a road report updating a story we brought you in July about Premier Rail Tours.  Kevin just took a luxurious ride on “The City of New Orleans” and tells us if it was worth the premium price.  Mark has the travel news, and the guys have lots of tidbits to make you a smarter traveler.  We invite to check out the list below for travel tips and ideas.


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