A River Cruise, an Amazing Community Service Program, and an Interesting Art Gallery

river cruise

On this week’s edition of The Travel Guys, we offer a review of a trip on the Mississippi River on the American Queen and a look at two unique places for travelers to visit.

First, the Anaheim White House, a small restaurant in the greater Disneyland neighborhood, they have created a pretty amazing community service program.  The restaurant feeds 1200 children a day at a dozen locations throughout Orange County.  That’s right, 1200 A DAY.  And that’s only one of the amazing things they do for their community.

Second, it’s Washed Ashore, a most interesting attraction on the Oregon Coast, in the village of Bandon.  The gallery features art made from trash collected on the beach, and now it’s being exhibited around the country.  Listen as Mark and Tom share this fascinating story.


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