Join Us For Our Halloween Special! Ghost Hunts, Haunted Houses, and More!


This Sunday Tom and Mark present a special Halloween show.  After the news, we are joined by Robert George Allen.  Robert returns to the show for the second time, and tells us how he became a famous ghost hunter and about the Haunted Vegas tour he offers.

Then, after the news at 3:30, Robert is back to talk about a special 6 day sightseeing vacation he and Sports Leisure Vacations will offer next March.  The first of its kind in the country, it offers the Vegas and Goodsprings Ghost Hunts and Robert comes along on the coach to Tonopah, Goldfield and Rhyolite, to bring those ghost towns “to life.”  Fascinating stories and an awesome adventure if you are an aspiring ghost hunter.

In our entertainment segment, we Tom has details on the Callson Manor Haunted House and we talk to Tanya Plescia, who will be offering a concert of all-Russian music with a Prokofiev piano solo by Plescia, October 29 and November 1 at American River College.  She also has been part of the Crocker Museum of ArtSunday Concert series.


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