“Seven Special Perks for Social-Savvy Travelers”, How to Make Airplane Travel More Pleasant, and a New Way to Secure and Style Your Luggage

On this week’s edition of The Travel Guys, Tom and Mark are joined by Caroline Costello of Smartertravel.com.  She recently penned a column about how travelers who are savvy in the social media world can earn all kinds of bonuses, including points, miles and other peaks.  If you play the social media game, you could get a head start on your future travel, just be tweeting and posting in the right places.

Gwen Duncan is along with the Deal of the Week.  Gwen has found a variety of holiday activities at Lake Tahoe, many of them free.  Connect to her web site for the complete list.  Mark, Gwen and Tom also discuss Mark’s list of Five Rules to Make Airplane Travel More Pleasant for All.  Gwen shares some tips of her own, including a great idea about preparing the kids for travel.

Finally, we take you to Hawaii, home of Bag Swag, a great new way to dress up (and secure) your luggage.



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