Updates About This Weekend’s Airport Travel, Call In for a Chance to Win a Prize, and a Variety Holiday Entertainment

sacramento valley chorus

In the travel news, some major airports are suffering through the last day of Thanksgiving weekend with delays, but no serious weather systems are plaguing the air traffic system on this busy Sunday. Mark has an update.

A Travel Roundtable is the highlight of this week’s show. Gwen Duncan from Cordially Yours Travel joins Tom and Mark answer your travel questions or perhaps pose one to you. Every caller wins a prize on this, our first of two Travel Guys Christmas Shows.

Two special sets of guests are on hand. First, the guys interview George and Mary Bailey of Bedford Falls. Everyone knows the Baileys of Bedford Falls. Seems the town has some trouble brewing and we’ll talk to George and see if we can get to the bottom of it. After all, It’s a Wonderful Life and the folks of Bedford Falls deserve a good Christmas. (George and Mary are actually part of the cast at Sacramento Theatre Company’s holiday presentation of the popular classic).

Finally, the show closes with an appearance by a singing quartet from the Sacramento Valley Chorus, on hand to promote a holiday event on December 7th.


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